Permanent Staffing

 WILLS HR Consultancy give you access to fully screened and qualified candidates in any industry of your choice. We have dedicated team members of consultants to helping your organisational goals. Our process is ensuring that we offer our clients the best candidates at bottom to top level, with the fastest turnaround time.


A Selection & Search Process of WILLS Consultant for Permanent Staffing is given in Flow Chart. This graphical illustration provides an indication of the whole placement process and the recruitment approach(s) that may be utilized.

Position brief & candidate specification

Initial needs assessment with Client to identify key competencies required of the role.

Decision on appropriate Recruitment  Sources & Strategies 

Advertising Selection, Database Search, Executive Search may be conducted individually or concurrently

Initial candidate screening & short-listing.
Interviews with Consultant

Pre-Interview Verification of expertise, skill match, availability, cultural and organisational fit. 


Comprehensive Personality Profiling

Past employment reference checks  

Verbal feedback from past employers on: Work attitude, performance and character 

Forwarding of candidates’ resume to Client. 

Consultant feedback to Client on candidates’ ability, skills level, organisational fit etc. 

Interviewing of short-listed candidates by Client

Discussion between Consultant & Client on candidate suitability. Reason for rejects critical to improve next short-listing. 

Negotiations / Acceptance of Offer

Consultants will assist in this process, leading to a written acceptance of offer

Post Commencement Status Checks 

Regular Consultant feedback to Client on placed candidates