Organisational Structure and Restructuring

Organisational Structure & Restructuring

The first part of any Change Management process is to develop the best organisation structure possible. Good organisational structure and design helps enhance communication, increases productivity and improves speed of delivery. It creates an environment where people can work effectively. We work with you to help you identify the right structure for your business.

Businesses need the right roles and structure to operate at their best. As your business develops, the right roles and structure you need to be successful might change too. We help you navigate this process so that you minimize risk and get the best outcome for you and your team

Restructuring to Increase Competitiveness

Differentiate and leverage strengths against the competition. The continual search for new organizational forms is driven by basic changes in the nature of competition and the economy. If your industry is moving fast or faces disruption, adapting to the conditions of the market will be critical to winning market share. When there are external forces and headwinds at work, businesses have no choice but to realign, restructure and reorganize to become more competitive or to retain their position in the market.

Establish a New Structure to Support Strategic Goals

After taking an inventory of where you are, where you want to go and who is coming with you, it is time to design the new org structure. Most companies usually organize around function, business line, customer segment, technology platform, geography, or a matrixed combination of these. Accountability parameters need to be defined for both vertical and horizontal authorities.